More About Me
Amali is based in the Napa Corcoran offices and focuses on residential, vineyard and land development properties.Amali’s warm and welcoming nature stems from her deeply rooted 20 year career in the Hospitality Industry. While managing restaurants and the events department for a renowned 3 Michelin Star Chef, she developed and exemplified one of her core values: Commitment.“A motto that resonates with me is “Be the Bacon” which is based on the ‘American Breakfast’ of Bacon and Eggs; the chicken contributed but the pig was fully committed! Be the Bacon!”After 10 years with the restaurant group, Amali worked as a Financial Consultant to Restaurants and Bars in the Bay Area, putting her double Master’s Degree in International Business and Hospitality Administration to good use.She soon reveled in her position of Director of Hedonism… i.e. Hospitality. Amali curated guest experiences to mirror the pleasures offered by the Napa Valley. Additionally, from walking the vineyards to harvesting grapes with vineyard workers, she became intimate with the various terroirs and regions of the Napa Valley… Amali’s home.Amali enjoys traveling the world with her husband and 2 kids. They spend every other summer in Sri Lanka, where Amali is originally from and in Montana on the family ranch where her husband spent most of his adolescence.